Makita Shimokawa currently serves as Director-General for Cultural Affairs and Ambassador in charge of Sport and Budo Diplomacy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of Japan. He joined the Ministry in 1984 after graduating from Tokyo University. His assignments abroad include Counsellor at the Embassy of Japan in France (1998-2001) and Minister/DCM at the Embassy of Japan in Indonesia (2011-2013). In Tokyo, he has held posts such as Director of the Trade in Services Division (2001-2004), Director of the First International Economic Affairs Division and Asia-Europe Cooperation (ASEM) Division (2004-2005), Cabinet Counsellor at the Office of the Assistant Chief Cabinet Secretary (2005-2007), Director of the National Security Policy Division (2007-2009), Chief of Staff to the Minister for Foreign Affairs (2007-2008), Director of the Personnel division (2009-2011), Deputy Director-General  for Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau (2013-2015), Deputy Director General for Foreign Policy Bureau, Ambassador in charge of UN Affairs, and Ambassador in charge of Cyber Policy(2015-2016).