Takeo Mori currently serves as Director-General of the North American Affairs Bureau at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) since October 2015. He entered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in 1983 after graduating from Tokyo University (with a BA in Law). His assignments abroad include First Secretary at the Embassy of Japan in Singapore (1997-1999), Counsellor at the Embassy in Germany (1999-2002), and Minister and Head of the Economic Section of the Embassy of Japan in the US (2010-2013). In Tokyo, he held positions including Director of the International Agreement Division in the Treaty Bureau, Director of the Treaty Division in the International Law Bureau, Director of the First North America Division in the North American Affairs Bureau, and Director of the Policy Coordination Division in the Foreign Policy Bureau. His last assignment before his current post was Ambassador in charge of Economic Diplomacy and he was the chief negotiator for the Japan-U.S. Parallel Negotiation and head of the negotiation team for the motor vehicle part of the TPP negotiation (2013-2015).