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CULCON Celebrates Secretary-General’s One Year Anniversary

One year ago, Ms. Paige Cottingham-Streater became U.S. CULCON’s new Secretary-General and engaged the United States Conference in new projects and activities to promote cultural and educational interchange among peer organizations and across borders. Ms. Cottingham-Streater encouraged Japan-related organizations to share information and actively explore opportunities for collaboration. Under her leadership, CULCON convened several meetings of peer organizations to identify new ideas and opportunities for exchange; and the CULCON XXV plenary session concluded with an agreement to establish a new Task Force to examine the issue of declining numbers of Japanese students studying abroad in the United States. Ms. Cottingham-Streater commented, “This year has been a rewarding experience in which we have had many exciting opportunities to partner with peer organizations, to focus attention on the importance of the U.S.-Japan relationship, and share our limited resources.”

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