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CULCON Welcomes Ms. Nahoko Amanuma from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government

In June 2016, CULCON was excited to welcome Ms. Nahoko Amanuma as part of a five-week collaborative program between Georgetown University’s Government and Public Policy Institute and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Public Policy and Professional English Program. Established in 2008, this joint program is aimed at training civil servants who will come to run Tokyo at the highest levels. One component of the program is the completion of an abbreviated internship in a Washington D.C. office with a related mission.
Ms. Amanuma is currently researching cultural assimilation patterns and solutions at Georgetown University’s Center for Language Education and Development (CLED), focusing on the successful practices of Montgomery and Fairfax County through their advisory boards and community groups. The ultimate goal for Ms. Amanuma is to help communities of diverse heritage merge together and learn how to cooperate in harmony.
The results of Ms. Amanuma’s research on cultural diversity and inclusion are further intended to be implemented in the planning and administration of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. By fostering a mindset of volunteerism and community engagement, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government aims to promote the creation of an inclusive, intercultural society. For more information on the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s 2020 Olympics initiatives, click here.

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