Next Generation Task Force
CULCON established the Next Generation Task Force, “…to assess, among other things, the current state of U.S.- Japan intellectual exchanges with specific focus on generational transition; identify any clear gaps that need to be addressed and to make concrete proposals on measures, including funding. The goal was to ensure high quality and a sufficient quantity of future leaders to strengthen and sustain our important bilateral relationship.”
The U.S. Task Force members included CULCON members Dr. Sheila Smith (co-chair), Council on Foreign Relations, Dr. T.J. Pempel, University of California Berkeley and Dr. Patricia Maclachlan, University of Texas at Austin; as well as Mr. Chuck Jones, Lockheed Martin; Mr. James Kondo, Silicon Valley Japan Platform; Ms. Susan Morita, Arnold & Porter, Mr. Danny Meza, Office of Congressman Joaquin Castro and U.S.-Japan Caucus, Dr. Dava Newman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and stakeholders from different fields including STEM.
Task Force members from Japan included CULCON panelists Mr. Akio Okawara, Japan Center for International Exchange; Mr. Junichi Chano, The Center for Global Partnership; and Mr. Naoyuki Agawa, Doshisha University.
At its first binational meeting in October, 2017, the task force agreed it’s goals were, “To identify tried and true practices to sustain U.S. and Japanese engagement with each other while building new platforms and networks that will help support the U.S.-Japan partnership as it adapts to a rapidly changing world.”
The Next Generation Task Force held several workshops to inform its Final Report, which was issued in Fall, 2019. Please read the Final Report here: Next Gen TF Final Report.