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NAFSA Highlights TeamUp in International Educator Journal

From NAFSA’s International Educator, May-June, 2017
U.S.–Japanese University Partnerships on the Rise
….TeamUp, a program of the U.S.- Japan Bridging Foundation, promotes partnerships between institutions in both countries. The CULCON-inspired initiative is supported by the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo.
While partnerships boost better understanding between the two cultures, there are many practical reasons to set up collaborations between institutions, Fields says. For both U.S. and Japanese students, these initiatives allow both sides to plan how to transfer academic credits, keep tuition costs affordable, and make suitable housing arrangements. “The idea is that if it’s all figured out in advance, it’s a much smoother process for everyone involved,” Fields says. “Partnerships allow for innovations. They can lead to faculty collaborative research and engagement on an administrative level. We have learned that there is tremendous interest and will to set up partnerships— both to give students an international experience abroad and to internationalize the campus. Everybody is looking to internationalize the way that their students think because of the global environment in which we’re operating.”
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NAFSA International Educator TeamUp June 2017