April 17, 2014 

Ben Makihara

CULCON is pleased to announce the second monthly edition of its new blog, World Wise, a collection of short reflections from diplomats, business leaders, educators and others who have studied abroad in Japan and the United States.

This month, read a reflection by Mr. Ben Makihara titled “An American Experience”. Mr. Ben Makihara is chair of Japan CULCON Panel and former CEO of Mitsubishi Corporation. Mr. Makihara arrived in the U.S. in 1949 where he studied for a year at St. Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire.

Next month look forward to reading: “Study Abroad and the Art of Kimono” by Ashley Hayes, former Bridging Scholar.

With the goal of bringing visibility to the merits of U.S. and Japanese overseas experiences, and the organizations responsible for organizing and hosting educational and cultural exchanges, CULCON will post World Wise on the 15th of every month. Be sure to follow World Wise and spread the word to friends and colleagues.

World Wise (http://studyabroad.jusfc.gov/)