“The Tenth United States-Japan Conference on Cultural and Educational Interchange was held in Washington, May 28-30, 1980, marking the beginning of CULCON’s twentieth anniversary celebration.  Delegates and specialists representing the governments, educational communities, mass media, visual and performing arts, businesses and foundations of both countries participated. At the opening ceremony, President Carter and Prime Minister Ohira extended messages of good will read by Charles Bray, Deputy Director of the International Communication Agency, and Japanese Ambassador Yoshio Okawara. Former Senator J. William Fulbright, guest speaker, emphasized the importance of cultural exchange and international education as a positive and necessary element of contemporary foreign policy. ” (CULCON X, Joint Statement)

U.S.:  Dr. John Hall, Department of History, Yale University
Japan:   Mr. Yoshinori Maeda, Adviser to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (前田義徳,外務省顧問)

*Final Joint Statement