“The 13th U.S.-Japan Conference on Cultural and Educational Interchange (CULCON) took place in Tokyo at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs July 29-31, 1986. Co-Chairmen were Mr. Isao Masamune, Advisory Director of the Industrial Bank of Japan, and Mr. Garrett N. Scalera, President of the Tokyo Institute for Policy Studies (on behalf of Chairman Dr. W. Glenn Campbell). Prominent individuals from both countries attended as delegates, consultants and observers including representatives from government, cultural and educational institutions, mass media and the publishing community, visual and performing arts, business and foundations. The meeting marked the 25th anniversary of the Conference. It received congratulatory messages from Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone, President Ronald Reagan, Foreign Minister Tadashi Kuranari, Education Minister Masayuki Fujio and Ambassador Michael J.  Mansfield.” (CULCON XIII, Joint Statement)

U.S. Acting Chairman: Mr. Garrett N. Scalera, President, Tokyo Institute of Policy Studies (Dr. Campbell was unable to attend)
Japan:   Mr. Isao Masamune, Advisor to the Board, The Industrial Bank of Japan (正宗猪早夫,日本興業銀行取締役相談役)

*Final Joint Statement