“The US-Japan Conference on Cultural and Educational Interchange (CULCON), comprised of representatives from the Japanese and US governments and from business, academe and other sectors of public life, convened for CULCON XXII in Big Sky, Montana on July 24-26, 2006.  The CULCON panelists appreciated the opportunity to meet in the home state of the late Ambassador to Japan Mike Mansfield. The panelists expressed their gratitude to the state of Montana and Montana State University for their cooperation and support in hosting CULCON XXII. CULCON XXII was co-chaired by Dr. Sumiko Iwao and Dr. Richard J. Samuels. Initiated by an agreement between President Kennedy and Prime Minister Ikeda in 1961, CULCON has served to focus official and public attention in both the United States and Japan on the vital cultural and educational underpinnings of the bilateral relationship. The conference received congratulatory messages from Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and President George W. Bush.  Both agreed that the Japan-US partnership is historically the strongest it has ever been, but both emphasized the importance of further strengthening and deepening mutual understanding and exchange between our countries.” (CULCON XXII, Joint Statement)

U.S.:  Dr. Richard J. Samuels, Ford International, Professor of Political Science, MIT
Japan:  Dr. Sumiko Iwao, Professor, Emeritus, Keio University (岩男壽美子,慶應義塾大学名誉教授)

*Final Joint Statement
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