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Resilient Rural Communities in the United States and Japan

An exciting update from JUSFC:

Rural authorities everywhere are enacting pioneering policies and working to improve their citizens’ lives, and this is particularly true in Japan. The Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission has partnered with Apolitical on a project to engage Japanese and American policy makers, public servants and other relevant experts around the topic on rural resilience.

The goal of the JUSFC-Apolitical partnership is to launch a policy discussion that will bring together policy makers from Japan and the United States to share their challenges and their experiences in coping with the complex pressures on rural communities. This in-depth analysis will highlight their work and examine the issues they face. It will also explore the synergies and differences between rural policy in Japanese, American, and other contexts.

Apolitical is an online policy community organized to build a network of globally active policymakers who share their successes – and hurdles – in solving new policy challenges.  It is a platform for debate and dialogue, a global communications strategy focused on sharing “best practices” among experienced policymakers, and a consultative process of developing new communities of experience.

Please follow, and engage in the discussion on resilient rural communities here.

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