Professional Exchanges, Fellowships

The resources below are divided into two categories:

  1. Exchange and fellowship programs – these are non-profit organizations and government agencies that offer and/or facilitate and promote outbound professional exchanges to Japan; and
  2. Databases/links on professional exchanges and fellowships – these include non-profit associations, government, and databases that offer lists or databases of exchanges and fellowship programs.

CULCON provides this list as an informational resource only; inclusion on this list is neither an endorsement nor a recommendation of any specific organization or program.


Professional exchange, fellowship programs:

  • Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation: A non-profit policy organization offering  information on the Mike Mansfield Fellowships, a government-to-government exchange for federal employees.
  • US-Asia Institute:  A non-profit United Nations-associated institute offering a scholarship for U.S. or Asian leaders from business, academia or government to study an issue of concern or interest to the U.S.-Asia relationship.


Databases/links on professional exchanges, fellowships:

  • Institute of International Education (IIE): A non-profit education and training organization offering information on opportunities for professionals including fellowships and teaching abroad.
  • National Association of Japan-America Societies (NAJAS): A non-profit network of Japan-America societies offering information for American school teachers and administrators for short term study programs in Japan, fellowships, research, and conferences.