Japanese Language Learning

The resources below offer on-line language learning and searchable databases/links for learning Japanese.
CULCON provides this list as an informational resource only; inclusion on this list is neither an endorsement nor a recommendation of any specific organization or program.

  •  About.com: Japanese Language: An online resource for learning about the Japanese language and Japanese culture.(http://japanese.about.com/od/japaneselessons/u/StartLearning.htm)


  • Aiyori : A website that provides hiragana and katakana lessons as well as a picture dictionary and introductory kanji lessons for those just beginning to learn Japanese.


  • American Association of Teachers of Japanese: A non-profit organization providing information on national Japanese language exam, special interest groups involved in Japanese language learning, etc.


  • Denshi Jisho: A Japanese-to-English and English-to-Japanese and kanji online dictionary.


  • Digital Dialects: An online website of vocabulary building games and an online book available in English, romaji, hiragana, and kanji.


  • Erin’s Challenge: A free online tool for learning Japanese through video clips, pictures, and games.


  • Guide to Japanese: An online guide to learning Japanese containing different resources and language learning materials.


  • HelloTalk: A language exchange app where users can chat with other language learners, and correct each other’s sentences.


  • HiNative: A website and app where language learners can ask questions about native speakers’ language and culture.



  • Italki: An online language learning website which connects language learners to teachers for 1-on-1 lessons with a native speaker.


  • Japanese Language School Database:  A database of Japanese language schools located in Japan accredited by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education.


  • Lang-8: An online blogging platform for language learners where native speakers correct entries in their native languages and vice versa.


  • Learn Japanese Online: A free on-line tool for Japanese language learning.


  • Mango Languages: Online language courses for many different languages, including Japanese, which is accessible for free through many U.S. public libraries.


  • NCC’s Subject Guides Portal:  A hub for Japan-related research and study guides sorted by academic discipline.


  • Nihongo o Narau:  A free on-line tool for Japanese language learning.


  • Nihongo-e-na: An online resource that directs Japanese learners to more Japanese language and culture resources.