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Summit of U.S.-Japan Legislative Exchange Organizations

US CULCON teamed up with the US-Japan Council to host a unique meeting of peer organizations to discuss legislative exchanges on January 27, 2012.
The discussion resulted in the following recommendations on possible ways to collaborate in the future:
•        Compile and share a list of legislators and their staff :

  • with an interest in Japan and/or participation in an exchange to Japan;
  • who should be interested and/or participate?

•        Commission a needs assessment for US-Japan legislative exchange;
•        Increase sharing of information among group organizations on

  • upcoming scheduled programs, receptions, and exchanges;
  • reflection and impact of recently completed programs and exchanges;

•        Consider joint receptions and legislator meetings for cost-sharing and greater impact;
•        Explore the legal intersection of funding and ethics;
•        Explore new approaches of funding for staff and member exchanges leveraging our collective influence and resources;
•        Consider the addition of Japan to existing legislative trips to other Southeast Asian countries;
•        Propose discounted or in-kind airfare for legislative exchanges to the airlines.
The group agreed to reconvene again in May.  For further information about this CULCON initiative, please contact:  culcon@jusfc.gov.

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